Healthy Heart Hope Inc. was established in Southeastern, Queens, NY in 2019. Our vision is to decrease the number of Cardiovascular deaths in under-represented communities throughout New York City. 


The Journey

My name is Christen Clark and I am the founder of Healthy Heart Hope Inc. My Healthy Heart journey started as a young girl in junior high-school, when my older brother suffered from cardiomyopathy. Once he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, it immediately propelled my interest in medicine.

Between frequent visits to the hospital and anxiety and panic overwhelming our lives, I saw and understood first hand how heart disease effected my family. At the time, we were uninformed, traveling a journey unknown. Fast forward ahead, my older brother was forced to receive a heart transplant. After one day of being on the donors list, he received a call that changed my family’s life forever.

My family knew almost nothing about heart disease—and that is what compelled me to create a non-profit for the community that educates and informs under-represented individuals on preventive measures in reducing heart disease. Along with educating and informing Healthy Heart Hope will provide/direct individuals towards necessary testing for healthy heart health.




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